Why Invest in Telemetry?

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In the UK, nearly 1.5 million households are reliant on heating oil to fuel their homes. With the winter approaching, it can be difficult for these households to manage their heating oil usage. Raising prices and prolonged delivery times can cause a lot of stress. Investing in a telemetry can help reduce some of this stress and put your mind at ease this winter.

What is Telemetry?

Telemetry is a wireless device that attaches to your oil tank and sends signals back to an app showing you the oil level in your tank.

If you are a heating oil user, you might be familiar with the mechanical gauges that are used to check your oil usage. But with a remote telemetry device, there is no need to go outside to the tank, you can check your oil usage and know when to top up simply by using the app on your phone.

How does the Telemetry Device work?

A transmitter sits in your oil tank, and it measures the oil level constantly using ultrasonic measurement techniques. The transmitter then sends signals to your app via 2G telling you how much oil is left in the tank and when to top up. The Telemetry Device enables you to check the oil level within the app from any location.

Telemetry is popular among both business and domestic users, as this advanced yet simple device has a great number of benefits.

What are the benefits of Telemetry for domestic use?

  • Easy to install and simple to use

The app is simple and easy to install on your phone once the Telemetry Device is installed. You have the peace of mind of being able to access your oil levels from within the app, from anywhere in the world. We also monitor your fuel levels from our office to ensure that you have a seamless supply of oil, and never need to worry about running out. By being one of our Telemetry customers you also benefit from no Emergency Delivery fees, along with priority delivery windows.

After purchasing a telemetry device, there is only a small fee of £5/month that covers the use of the service and our oil usage service management.

  • Check your oil consumption anytime, anywhere

Unlike the traditional oil tank gauge, the Telemetry Device allows the remote access to your tank level without any physical restrictions. You will find everything you want to know regarding your oil consumption directly in the mobile app.

  • Automated notifications

Telemetry checks the oil level constantly. When the oil in your tank is below a certain level, it automatically sends alerts to remind you to top up. In the long run, installing a telemetry device is a cost-effective way to monitor your home oil consumption and make sure you never run out of oil.

  • Optimize your fuel delivery

As well as sending you notifications when the oil level is running low, this smart device can also predict when you will run out of oil. With this function, you can plan and organize your next fuel delivery. The notifications also show up in our system to ensure we provide reliable and on-time delivery to you. WP Group offers different telemetry solutions for your heating oil tank. With our flexible plans, you needn’t worry about warming up your home this winter.


If you have any questions or queries regarding smart tank monitor or heating oil, take a look at our Domestic Heating website or talk to one of our specialists at 0800 980 6172, or email enquiries@thewp-group.co.uk


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