Kerosene (Class C2 BS 2869)


Kerosene also known as 28 Second or Heating Oil is used by around four million households in the UK due to being not connected to the national grid. They instead rely on heating oil and other ‘off-gas’ heating solutions. Our specialist domestic heating team, WP Heating, offers different types of Kerosene including Standard Kerosene, Cooker Kerosene and Advanced Kerosene.

Reliable Suppliers of Kerosene


WP Heating provides heating oil solutions to customers throughout Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire and West Sussex. With over 50 years’ experience, the team are committed to providing an expert, professional and friendly service to all our customers.

  • Standard and emergency deliveries
  • Tank Telemetry
  • Small and medium load options
  • Friendly service



Offering a reliable and cost effective heating solution, Standard Kerosene complies with BS2869 class C2. It is lighter and cleaner than standard Gas Oil and the most common fuel used in homes across the UK

  • Reliable deliveries
  • Competitive pricing
  • A quality heating solution
  • Most common fuel used

Advanced Kerosene 


Our Advanced Kerosene increases efficiency and improves performance, a premium grade heating oil maximises heating oil output efficiency and minimises consumption.

  • Contains additives specially formulated to improve burn efficiency
  • Improves boiler performance
  • Reduces contamination and sludge build-up in the tank
  • Helps avoid costly breakdowns
  • Guards against fuel degradation and the corrosion of metal storage tanks and pipework
  • No modifications are required to your tank or boiler

Cooker Kerosene 


Our Cooker Kerosene is designed to improve burn quality for your home, if you own an Aga, Rayburn or other oil-fired range cooker then you need to consider using a more specialist fuel specifically designed for cookers.

  • A unique formation to improve the ‘burn quality’
  • Reduced maintenance of your cooker
  • Helps avoid costly breakdowns
  • No modifications are required to your tank or boiler

Tank Maintenance


Making sure your tank is regularly maintained is crucial to ensure that your tank is prepared for the winter months. Our WP Heating team has put together some tips on ensuring your tank is maintained:

  • Check for signs of cracks or corrosion
  • Make sure the tank is on a solid and level surface
  • Ensure tank is sheltered from strong weather conditions
  • Regularly check the tank for bulging, extensive scratches and faulty gauges


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