Total fuel management security


FuelSecure gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to the security and traceability of your fuels. It enables you to track every transaction on your site, own use or subcontractor, and to pre-approve and authorise any vehicles/equipment that require the use of your fuel facilities.

Real-time, accurate data


With a fully automated fleet fuel management solution, your data is captured in real-time right at the delivery point/pump.

  • Providing full real-time traceability and transparency for all fuel transactions
  • Tracks the journey of every litre, providing quick, simple and easy reporting on your fuel consumption, spend and total carbon emissions

Total business security


An easily mounted RFID unit installed next to the fuel inlet on each vehicle enables immediate fuelling authorisation when the nozzle is inserted into the fuel inlet.

  • Each vehicle requiring fuel is registered on our system, with the registration plate, vehicle type and fuel type
  • Ensures the vehicle has been pre-approved for refuelling to eliminate any form of fuel theft, and that the correct fuel type is used
  • Allows full security on-site and eliminates any cross-contamination of incorrect products into engines

Streamlining business process


Our system allows total automation from fuel delivery through to invoice management.

  • Records each individual transaction resulting in no manual Intervention being required to record delivered volumes to each vehicle
  • Allows our customers to focus on business-critical tasks and eliminate any downtime linked to fuel delivery accuracy and accountability
  • Streamlines the invoice process and improves billing accuracy – billing by litre, by vehicle – on each invoice
  • No waiting time for data at set periods causing monthly reporting delay – our data is live and accessible via portal at all times

The total fleet management solution


Our solution is a leader in fleet fuelling systems.

  • Provides significant fuel cost savings and operational benefits from automation and real-time data analysis.
  • Fleets can remotely manage all their refuelling sites to gain better control over multi-site fuel inventory and deliveries.
  • Total refuelling security with complete transparency to which assets are being fuelled at all times
  • Eliminate risk knowing that your equipment will always be filled with the correct fuel product.

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