WP Group Fuel Card
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BIG benefits for fleets

Start enjoying the benefits of a Fuel Card today with access to over 3,700 independent fuel stations across the UK.


Our card offers competitive pricing, increased security, and full traceability of your fuel transactions, making the process of managing fuel consumption across your entire fleet quick and effortless.


Smarter fuel for fleets


If your company operates a fleet of vehicles that require regular fuelling then a WP Group Fuel Card can bring big benefits to your operations. Typically, fuel card users are:

  • Haulage, transport and waste recycling companies with fleets covering many miles a week
  • Construction companies with a large number of contractors driving to and from sites daily
  • Businesses with vans, cars, HGVs and coaches operated by a large number of drivers and contractors who are trusted to refuel them regularly
  • WP Group bulk customers: as well as receiving fuel deliveries into your depots your drivers can use our card to access fuel when stopping over in other parts of the UK

Enjoy these benefits 

Competitive pricing
With price notifications available on request, flexible payments terms and peace of mind that the price you pay for your fuel will be competitive, a WP Group Fuel Card is simple and easy way to help you save money across your fleet.

Increased security
Avoid the need for drivers to carry cash and debit cards and set maximum spend limits. For added security, our cards are PIN protected, can only be used to purchase fuel from WP Group-approved UK depots and alert you to irregular purchases.

Full traceability
Through your personal online portal, see real-time data and actionable insights for fuel spend across your entire fleet. Each transaction from every driver is electronically recorded. It’s quick and easy to track and analyse fuel spend and consumption.

Simple setup
Registering is simple, quick and easy. If you’re not already a fuel card member, simply complete the form below and our team will be in touch. They’ll talk you through the steps to getting you set up with your personal fuel card account so you can enjoy the benefits.

More convenience
As well as receiving bulk fuel deliveries into your depots, your drivers can use our card to fill up when stopping over in other parts of the UK. They’ll have access to thousands of independent fuel stations, so they’re always covered and your fleet stays fully fuelled.

Online routing
Online routing tools are updated daily, so you can view fuel station locations in the UK you can use your card at. It also allows you to plan routes, filter by the fuel you’re looking for, and locate refuelling stops along your journey. Also available as a smartphone app.

UK fuel station finder

Search for UK fuel stations that accept the WP Group Fuel Card.


Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about Fuel Cards, you may find the answers to them below.

What is a fuel card?

Fuel cards work like a bank or store card, however you only use them for buying fuel. You get a PIN for security, use your card(s) to buy on credit, and afterwards you pay a single invoice for all of your fuel transactions each week. You can also choose from a variety of different fuel cards and pricing tariffs to suit your requirements.

How do fuel cards work?

Fuel cards work like a bank or store card, but do not have a chip. They do have a magnetic strip on the reverse however, which allows fuel card providers to capture the data on the card’s usage, while a PIN number provides a unique validation method.

Where can I use my fuel card?

Every fuel card has a set of network of sites where it can be used, but some cards can be used across multiple networks. Fuel card networks can provide local, national or international coverage depending on your requirements.

How do I pay for fuel with a fuel card?

You pay at the till as you would with any other payment method. The cashier will swipe your fuel card and either ask you to enter your four-digit PIN number or sign for the transaction. Sometimes, you may be asked to do both and the cashier may also ask for your vehicle registration number and mileage for extra validation. The transaction will then be logged on your account and appear on your next weekly invoice.

Can I use 'Pay at Pump' with my fuel card?

Unfortunately, our fuel cards are not currently accepted by ‘Pay at Pump’ terminals.

What are the benefits of using fuel cards?

Fuel cards can provide huge benefits for businesses that use vehicles on a daily basis. Operating a fleet requires seamless organisation and efficiency and using fuel cards facilitates this. Just some of the benefits are:

  • A convenient way to pay for fuel
  • Increased security and a safer alternative to carrying cash
  • Better control of fuel expenses
  • Significantly reduce mundane invoicing admin

Can I have more than one card?

Yes. You can have multiple fuel cards within your WP Fuel Card account. In some cases, you can also have multiple different brands of fuel cards within your account.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

If one of your fuel cards is lost or stolen, contact us at fuelcards@thewp-group.co.uk to have it put on stop and replaced.

Can I purchase petrol with my fuel card?

Depending on which fuel card you have, you may be able to purchase petrol with it. If you would like to find out whether you can purchase petrol with your fuel card(s), or find out more about our deals on petrol, please call our Customer Experience team on 08009806172 or email fuelcards@thewp-group.co.uk

How can I contact the WP Group?

If you have any queries regarding your account, please contact our Customer Services team on 08009806178 or email fuelcards@thewp-group.co.uk

Register for a fuel card account


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