Deliveries to Depend On

Fuel when you need it, where you need it


Working in partnership with customers, we understand the specific requirements and challenges faced day-to-day. Our market expertise, local sector specialist team and reactive delivery services ensure we keep your business moving throughout the year.

Strategically Located Operating Centres


We ensure national coverage with a reliable and agile service to all customers.

  • Ten strategically located operating centres
  • Small, medium and bulk load fuel deliveries
  • Standard, next day and emergency response delivery service
  • 24/7 out of hours availability and service

Total Fuel Management


With a fleet of over 50 tankers and a network of approved delivery partners, our operations team is our biggest team, representing our brands on the road and engaging with our customers daily.

  • Scheduled Top-Ups and Standing Orders
  • Advanced Vehicle Recognition Technology
  • Tank Telemetry
  • Regular Fuel Quality Analysis

24/7 Emergency Service


We offer Emergency 24/7 Fuel Response (response within 6/8/12 hours) to ensure we are always there for our customers and that there is always fuel in your tank.

  • Out of hours contact reachable 24/7
  • Reactive Delivery Service
  • Rapid Call-Out Response

Why choose WP Group?

  • We’re fuelling change with our technologies

Our market-leading Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) technology provides complete fuel site management allowing you to have full control and visibility of each piece of equipment being fuelled, whilst tracking the journey of every litre being used on your project

  • We keep your business moving

With ten strategically located fuel operating centres and in partnership with a comprehensive network of approved delivery partners, we provide reliable standard, next day and emergency response delivery services to keep projects moving nationwide

  • Explore a range of standard and alternative fuel products

Our portfolio of standard fuel products including ULS Diesel and ULS Gasoil ensures you have access to the highest quality fuels from the most reliable sources at all times, complemented by our range of alternative fuels to help you lower emissions, reduce carbon footprint and minimise environmental impact. Products include Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and Esso Diesel Efficient™

  • Talk to industry and sector specialists 

Our people are sector specialists, we talk the same language as you and fully understand your sector-specific requirements which allow us to provide the right solutions that meet those requirements

  • Building trusted relationships

We are committed to building long-lasting, value-added relationships with you to understand your unique challenges and objectives to work with you to deliver the right range of solutions for your business

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