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Our fuel services are designed to remove the risk involved in storing fuel


We understand the importance of storing fuel for your business and the risks that come with it. Managing the risks of fuel contamination should be high on the radar for any business, but especially those reliant on fuel for critical power and business resilience especially in the Energy & Power sector. We provide a range of services and solutions to protect businesses fuel resilience and reduce the risks associated with storing fuel.

Prevent the Risk of Fuel Contamination


Storing fuel for long periods of time comes with the risk of fuel contamination. Imposing preventative measures to reduce the risk of contamination is key, unfortunately, many businesses wait until reactive services are required and with this comes substantial expense. Our in-house experts have come up with these recommendations for preventing the risk of fuel contamination:

  • Fuel Sampling
  • Using an Advanced Long Life Fuel
  • Regular Tank Inspections
  • Effective and Maintained Filtration


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Restore Fuel Quality and Storage Compliance


Modern refining techniques have reduced the shelf life of diesel fuel, and the legislative changes that lead to the introduction of bio, has only compounded the issue of fuel degradation and contamination. This has resulted in increased demand from businesses looking for products and services to help tackle and resolve fuel contamination.

  • Fuel polishing is a non-entry and non-disruptive fuel cleaning process recommended when early signs of contamination or degradation are present
  • Fully licensed waste oil disposal service, quickly and safely removing any oil wastage from your site
  • A comprehensive tank cleaning service – including both manned and non-man entry techniques
  • Manned-entry tank cleaning. For when a tank becomes severely contaminated with microbial growth, sludge or heavy sediment build-up
  • Fit tanks with Desiccant Breathers following all remedial works
  • Following all remedial works, a new fuel sample will be taken to verify restored fuel quality

Fuel Sampling


Taking regular samples of your stored fuel will uncover even the slightest signs of contamination within your fuel, enabling you to take action before expensive remedial work is required. We work with an independent 3rd party laboratory to for an in-depth analysis.

  • Sample taken every 6 months to monitor the fuels condition
  • Prevents fuel contamination
  • Independent 3rd Party Laboratory Testing


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Total Fuel Management


A comprehensive fuel service contract covering the key aspects of fuel resilience protection. Our unique service package comprises of:

  • Visual site inspection
  • Tank Telemetry
  • Scheduled fuel sampling and analysis
  • 24/7 emergency response

Switch to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)


Reduce the risk of power failure with HVO. HVO is a sustainable drop-in diesel replacement that provides a range of benefits for businesses within the Energy & Power sector.

  • Drop-in Diesel Replacement
  • Meets approvals and warranties with most engines and OEMs
  • Reduced risk of power failure
  • Reduced risk of fuel contamination


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