Fuel Services

Fuel services that support businesses to store and maintain fuel safely and confidently.

Total Fuel Storage Confidence for Businesses


When it comes to storing and maintaining fuel, we understand the risks for any business. Preventing fuel contamination should be a high priority, especially for businesses where back-up power and the need to have generators on-site are essential.


Ensuring that all fuel that is kept on your premises is routinely quality tested, and stored safely and compliantly, is just as important. At WP Group, we offer a comprehensive range of fuel services to support businesses with every aspect of on-site fuel maintenance and storage.

WP Group driver delivering fuel

Fuel Maintenance Plans for Business Resilience


To create operational resilience by ensuring you’re always powered, it is essential that businesses consider the quality, maintenance and lifecycle of the fuel that is stored on-site.


At WP Group, we work side by side with businesses to offer guidance and provide them with the right solutions. Pick and choose from the comprehensive range of fuel services we offer, creating an annual fuel maintenance plan that works for your business.

Our Fuel Services Can Help:

  • Prevent the risk of fuel contamination – storing fuel for long periods of time comes with the risk of fuel contamination, which could result in your fuel failing you when you need it most
  • Extend the life and quality of your fuel – extending the quality, and therefore life, of your fuel can bring both cost and resilience benefits to your business.
  • Ensure compliance with legislative changes – we’ll work with you to ensure that the fuel you store on-site adheres to the latest legislative changes.
  • Protect business resilience in the event of a power outage – for fuel critical businesses, such as those in the Energy & Power sector, our fuel services are designed to make you more resilient and prevent costly downtimes.
Fuel quality comparison

Our fuel services

Tank Cleaning

Our engineers handle all aspects of tank cleaning, including emptying and removing contents/contaminants and restoring with clean fuel.

Tank Service

Routine in-depth tank inspections to establish their conditions and if they remain safe and suitable for storing fuel.

Environmental Site Inspection/Audit

A visual inspection to ensure you meet the latest environmental and fuel storage regulations and stay compliant.

Fuel Polishing

Where fuel contamination/degradation may occur, we will pass it through our filtration unit to polish it and remove any sediments and microbial contaminants.

Fuel Transfers

Should you need to make a fuel transfer between tanks, this can be easily done with our fuel transfer service, via our tankers or fuel polishing system.

Fuel Uplifts

We will attend your site to remove fuel from your tanks and dispose of it safely using our licensed waste disposal company.

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