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Whether you’re building roads, houses, airports, or offices, finding a proactive, flexible, service-driven fuel supplier is key to success. Understanding what it takes to keep you in operation has driven our construction team to create a flexible suite of solutions, designed for and by the construction industry.


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WP Group is a leading supplier of high-quality fuel and sustainable solutions for the construction industry


WP Group offers expertise and insight into fuel for the construction industry from our relationships with some of the largest construction companies in the UK, including our Airport Energy business supporting total ground fuel management of construction on UK airports and our gold partner status with the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS).


We have the knowledge to provide construction businesses with the right fuelling solutions, supported by innovative products and technologies to achieve business objectives, overcome daily site challenges and keep projects moving.


WP Group understands the different problems that construction sites face each day. We know how to manage your fuel onsite supplies with deliveries of high quality fuel for construction which you can rely on, making use of alternative and renewable fuels where possible.


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Switch to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)


Minimise your carbon footprint and improve air quality with 100% renewable drop-in diesel replacement Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). It is a fossil-free, low carbon product made from 100% renewable waste, residues, and vegetable oils.

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% in addition to sizeable reductions in tailpipe emissions
  • Accredited with EN15940 standard for paraffinic fuels
  • Fully reportable reduction of carbon supporting sustainability objectives
  • Reduced maintenance requirements with a storage life of over 10 years
  • Drop-in replacement for standard diesel and gas oil- no retrofit required


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Reliable & Responsive Deliveries


Working in partnership with customers, we understand the specific requirements and challenges faced day-to-day within construction. Our market expertise, local sector specialist team and reactive delivery service ensures we keep your site moving throughout the year.

  • Ten strategically located operating centres
  • Small, medium & bulk load fuel deliveries
  • Mobile refuelling service tailored for Construction
  • Standard, next day and emergency response delivery service
  • 24/7 out of hours availability and service

Standard & Renewable Diesel Products


Our comprehensive range of standard, alternative and renewable fuel products ensures our customers have access to the right solution to meet their operational site requirements & business objectives.

Plug & Play Technology


Working closely with some of the world’s most progressive companies, we ensure our customers have access to a comprehensive range of established and developing fuels technologies for construction. This means customers have access to the right fuelling solutions to meet their unique specifications.

  • Total fuel management system providing total fuel site automation & real-time data analysis
  • Automated Vehicle Recognition (AVR)
  • Data-driven Top-up Services
  • Advanced Tank Telemetry

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