Fuelling Efficiency for Avon Material Supplies’ Fleet

Avon Material Supplies' Fleet

Avon Material Supplies (AMS) is a reputable construction services and waste management company, operating across Dorset and Hampshire with over 25 years’ experience of in delivering services from construction materials to skip and lorry hire.  

To better streamline the existing business operation, AMS works closely with WP Group to find a more sustainable fuel solution tailored to the needs of its fleet to help reduce mechanical issues across the business. Switching to Esso Diesel Efficient has improved the engine efficiency, fleet performance and reduction in emissions. 

The Problem  

During the business operation, common issues have occurred in the past including EML lights on due to emission fault and knock sensor issues on the trucks. These problems have affected operational efficiency and have caused significant inconvenience and disruption to the business. 

The Solution 

Following the consultation, instead of standard diesel, WP Group has supplied AMS with more sustainable Esso Diesel Efficient 

Compared to standard fuel, Diesel Efficient ™ is a heavy-duty diesel fuel with stronger all-round performance and can help save money and reduce overall consumption.  

To ensure a reliable fuel supply, AMS has chosen the scheduled delivery every 10 days to site and WP Group has successfully delivered 500,000 litres of Diesel Efficient ™ to the business. 

The Outcomes 

Since switching to Esso Diesel Efficient, the business has reported the improvements in engine performance, efficiency, and lower emissions:  

  • Increase in MPG from 6.8 to 7.2 mpg  
  • Decrease in CO2- 1048 to 1010 emissions since using Esso Diesel Efficient 
  • No fuel-related truck issues anymore  


“The last few months we have had no emission related issues neither any problem with EML lights. Well worth spending the extra!” 

 – Paul Harper, AMS Transport Manager  

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