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Our Senior Account Manager Mark Bisping tells us more about the benefits of using a WP Group Fuel Card – including great savings at the fuel pump.

You may recall the days when haulage and other companies using transport had offices strewn with multiple paper receipts from various fuel purchases. It was hard to keep track of the fuel spend and almost impossible to know how much their fleet runs were costing.

However, times have thankfully changed, and technical advances now allow companies to monitor their daily fuel costs – and much more, when their fleet is on the road.

Refuel at thousands of UK forecourts  

We’re really excited to announce our newly launched WP Group Fuel Card which offers many benefits, reducing your fuel costs with easy access to 3,700 forecourts, the largest network of independent fuel stations in the UK.

We want all our customers – whether you’re a WP Group bulk customer, a haulage company, a construction contractor or any of the many other businesses we serve – to get the most value from us to enable you to keep fleet running costs as low as possible.

Our versatile WP Group Fuel Card gives fleet owners the freedom to stay on the road to their destination. There are big cost savings to be made on the price of fuel – card holders receive weekly emails alerting them to our current fuel card price, which is guaranteed to be less than the standard price you would pay at the pump.

The competitive pricing is thanks to a UK Fuels agreement, which keeps fuel stations across the network stocked up and costs down.

We also offer a handy E-Route app and online tool to help drivers plan their journey and lets them know where the nearest refuelling stop is located for WP Group Fuel Card customers.

Track fuel spend across your entire fleet 

Unlike other fuel cards out there, the WP Group Fuel Card is totally free – and the same one can be used for any type of vehicle. 

The only bill you’ll receive is a weekly invoice of your actual spend, with all your fuel transactions electronically recorded and consolidated into one. This allows businesses to keep on top of their spending with details of each vehicle’s miles per gallon and data insight showing the overall efficiency of their fleet. 

There’s the added security of pin protection and spend limits, which can be set on your fuel card, with alerts for irregular purchases.

And for our WP Group bulk customers, who receive fuel deliveries into their depots, there’s the added advantage that our Fuel Card can be used to access fuel from WP Group-approved fuel stations when drivers make a stopover in other parts of the UK.

It’s quick and easy to set up – apply on our website and start enjoying savings on fuel and the other benefits of having a WP Group Fuel Card. Register online and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.

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