Fuel Card FAQs – Frequently asked questions about Fuel Cards

Fuel Card

Providing convenience, savings at the pump and full visibility of fuel purchases across entire fleets, fuel cards can bring big benefits to businesses operating vehicles that regularly travel up and down the country. In the following blog article, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions put to us by businesses asking about our fuel card and the advantages it can bring.


1. What types of companies can benefit from using a fuel card?

If your company manages a fleet of vehicles that need frequent refuelling, a WP Group Fuel Card can offer substantial advantages to your operations. We aim for all our clients – whether you’re a bulk customer of WP Group, a haulage company, a construction contractor, or any other business we cater to – to maximise the benefits from our services. This ensures you can minimise fleet operational expenses effectively.


2. What are the main benefits of using fuel cards?

The primary advantage of utilising fuel cards is cost-effectiveness. Cardholders receive weekly emails notifying them of our current discounted fuel card prices, which are guaranteed to be lower than standard pump prices. Another significant benefit is convenience; your drivers can conveniently stop at over 3700 stations across the UK to refuel using the cards. This flexibility is perfect for fleets constantly on the move.

Finally, you gain the advantage of comprehensive traceability and security for your fleet. Instead of relying on cash or debit cards, fuel cards provide real-time purchase alerts and access to online insights into your fuel expenditures. Additionally, all cards are PIN-protected and exclusively accessible at WP Group-approved UK depots, enhancing security measures.


3. What are the costs associated with fuel card use?

The WP Group Fuel Card is completely free; £0 card fee, £0 monthly fee, £0 annual fee. You’ll only receive a weekly invoice reflecting your actual spend, with all fuel transactions electronically logged and combined into a single statement. The statement lets you keep on top of your spending, with information on each vehicle’s fuel efficiency and data illustrating the overall fleet performance.


Read our full Fuel Card FAQ 

For more information about the WP Group Fuel Card, visit thewp-group.co.uk/fuel-card where you’ll find our full Fuel Card FAQ. Alternatively, you can speak to our friendly team by calling 0800 980 6172.

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