Carbon Compensation

Invest in tomorrow, compensate your carbon


We invest in cost-effective and credible schemes to help our customers reach their carbon reduction goals.

As part of our suite of sustainable solutions designed to support our customers’ journey to a low carbon future, we provide our customers with a simple and practical solution through our carbon compensation products

What is carbon compensation?


  • Carbon compensation involves a company buying a volume of voluntary carbon units reflective of their associated carbon emissions.
  • The units purchased are an investment into a recognised and accredited CO2 saving project.
  • This means our customers can purchase carbon compensated diesel and offset their carbon emissions accredited to their diesel volume.

WP Group’s carbon compensation scheme


  • We are offering our customers the opportunity to buy carbon compensated fuel products from us (Diesel, Gasoil, Kerosene, Petrol).
  • When our customers place an order for their fuel requirement, they can buy our carbon compensated fuel product to offset the carbon associated with the fuel volume ordered.
  • We then invest in a project on behalf of our customer and purchase the required number of carbon units to offset the volume. The units are then retired and our customer is provided with a full confirmation pack with all relevant documentation and certification relating to their carbon compensation.

Verified global projects


  • We invest in new projects globally on behalf of our customers to compensate carbon from diesel spend.
  • We ensure we work with new long term, well-funded, voluntary projects that are authenticated to the highest level.
  • Our chosen standards include:

– Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

– Gold Standard

– Climate Action Reserve

Carbon Calculator


Calculate your carbon emissions below through our online carbon calculator.


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