Reduce Emissions by 90%‎ with HVO

Reduce carbon emissions with 100% renewable Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)


Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is a premium fossil-free diesel product made from 100% renewable vegetable fats, feedstocks and oils. One of the cleanest fuels on the market, HVO is an environmentally friendly diesel alternative that doesn’t release new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Contact WP Group today if you’re looking for a reliable supplier of environmentally-friendly fuels. Our comprehensive range of sustainable, alternative and renewable fuels help to lower emissions, reduce carbon footprint and minimise environmental impact. 

Benefits of using HVO

  • Produced from 100% sustainable renewable waste feedstocks; certification is available with every order
  • A direct replacement for regular diesel and gas oil that meets EN15940 standard for paraffinic fuels
  • A stable fuel when stored and lasts longer with a lifespan of over 10 years
  • Biodegradable ensuring any spills significantly reduce environmental impact
  • Helps you meet businesses sustainability goals with environmentally friendly fuel.

Why choose HVO?


  • With renewable feedstocks such as plant and food waste, HVO users are able to reduce their CO2e emissions by up to 90%
  • Through its chemical composition, HVO produces a significant reduction in NOx emissions and particulate matter providing improve air quality for those working in and around the site where fuel is being burned
  • HVO is more stable than conventional diesel products when stored and lasts longer in the tank which in turn reduces the risk of water ingress and significantly reducing the risk of contamination and the total lifespan of HVO is approximately 10 years



Drop-in diesel replacement


  • HVO is a drop-in diesel replacement and meets EN15940 standards, ensuring approvals with most engines and OEM warranties, without the need for any changes to assets or existing fuel infrastructure
  • With no engine or plant modifications required, you can fill up and go, enjoying 90% lower emissions- perfect for large capacity fleets
  • The overall refining process through to consumption reduces GHG CO2 emissions by up to 90%. When used, NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) is reduced by up to 27% and PM (Particulate Matter) by up to 40%, improving overall emissions and improving air quality

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Fuelling change for your business with environmentally friendly HVO

Why choose WP Group?


  • We’re fuelling change with our fleet of vehicles 

Through the experience that comes with managing our own fleet, our in-house experts have developed a comprehensive fuel management programme. This comprises of a range of fuel products, renewable alternatives and management solutions that drive sustainability, prevent fuel contamination, improve efficiency and ensure reliability.


  • We’re a responsible fuel provider

As one of the UK’s fastest-growing and most progressive fuel companies, we have a responsibility to pioneer new and innovative solutions in the way we service our key markets and customers.


  • Explore a range of alternative and renewable fuels

Our comprehensive range of sustainable, alternative and renewable fuels help to lower emissions, reduce carbon footprint and minimise environmental impact. Products include; Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), Paraffinic Fuel EN15940, Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) Paraffinic Fuel EN15940, Esso Diesel Efficient, Used Cooking Oil Methyl Esther (UCOME).


  • Talk to industry and sector specialists 

We have extensive industry expertise and sector specialists in the construction, transport, aviation, marine, agricultural, and energy sectors.


  • Building Trusted Relationships

We are committed to building long-lasting, value-added relationships with our customers, to ensure that we understand your unique challenges and objectives and deliver the right range of solutions for your business.

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