Fuelling Change across UK Airports

Green world

Our “Fuelling Change” initiative to better understand our customers, markets and industry challenges, guides us in developing market leading solutions and innovations that exceed the needs of today whilst working on the solutions of tomorrow.

From the chip and coil “VID” vehicle recognition units to investment in sustainable fuels, Airport Energy Services, it’s parent, WP Group and associated supply chain have developed and introduced multiple products and technologies that provide a complete refuelling service that addresses business resilience needs whilst meeting sustainability requirements.

Supporting the drive for sustainable growth in commercial fuel supply, we are able to provide cleaner burning alternatives to standard diesel such as Gas to liquid (GTL) and fully renewable fuels such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, (HVO) which in use can reduce harmful tail pipe emissions and provide a well to wheel reduction of CO2e of 90%

Our dedicated airport teams are specialists in their field, supporting airside operations and airport-based fleet operators by assisting in the maximisation of all future business opportunities.

We’re supportive of the UK aviation’s long-term plans for using new and innovative technologies to increase operational resilience and drive sustainability within the existing and planned for new infrastructures.

We are looking to introduce a mobile electric recharging vehicle (MERV) for airside use, as a viable alternative to diesel fuel which will complement our established mobile delivery fleet service and technology.

That’s fuelling change…

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