Meet your Agriculture Sector Specialist, Dave

Dave Noel, Sector Specialist

How long have you worked with the agricultural sector?

I have worked in and around the agricultural sector for almost 10 years with WP Group and an additional 7 years with another business. This experience has given me extensive knowledge around the sector which allows me to support Agri businesses with their fuel supply and understand the best products, solutions and service that they need.

Why do you enjoy the most about working with agriculture customers?

The sector is a very personable one, building strong and trusted relationships is key and I enjoy forming these valuable relationships with my customers. I’m always understanding more and more about agriculture, particularly all the different type of crops grown and the technology of the machinery. Meeting the farmers and their families in person was key to building strong relationships before COVID, so hopefully this will happen again in the future and I look forward to seeing all of my customers soon, as well as meeting new faces within companies that are not yet customers!

In your opinion, what makes WP Group different to competitors?          

We provide a personal touch, our dedication our customers and knowledge of the farmer’s needs from myself as a Sector Specialist to our Customer Experience team supporting the day to day activity. We understand the importance of organising a delivery to the farmer in the week or weekends, delivered to their tank, bowser or machine. We know it is critical to keep their business moving all year around especially during harvest at a time which is critical to have the delivery on-time. we pride ourselves on a service that not only meets but exceeds these needs

Whether you need a quote for Red Diesel or would like to talk fuel management solutions for your business, please give me a call on my direct number or email.

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