Introduction of E10 Fuel in the UK

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In September 2021, the UK will see a change in the standard unleaded petrol grade across all petrol stations from E5 to an introduction of E10. The renewable ethanol content within petrol is rising from 5% to 10% (E10), to mitigate climate change and help reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions. We are following Europe and the rest of the world with the roll out of E10 petrol. The change will not affect any Diesel products at all.

The rise in the bioethanol content to 10% within petrol will mean that less fossil fuel is needed and therefore, helps reduce carbon emissions and gets us closer to meeting our climate change targets. Bioethanol is a renewable fuel that is alcohol-based and is produced from different plants and their by-products. Regarding fuel economy, it will not be very noticeable in everyday driving, even though it does slightly reduce your overall fuel economy.

All petrol cars and machinery that have been manufactured since 2011 are completely compatible with E10, however classic or older vehicles will not be compatible. It is estimated that about 95% of petrol-powered vehicles will be compatible within the UK, and it is safe to mix E5 and E10 when the change takes place. Boats and other garden equipment such as lawnmowers that use petrol may not be compatible with E10, we advise that you ask the manufacturer or dealer before using E10. For those that can’t use E10, WP Group recommend considering a switch to Super Unleaded petrol which will continue with the E5 content (97+ Octane).

WP Group welcome the introduction of E10 across the UK as it continues to move us as a nation in the right direction towards a sustainable future and is a key factor in fuelling change. We offer a suite of sustainable fuelling solutions including alternative diesels and biofuels to provide solutions for all our customers with clear sustainability objectives.



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