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Fuels & Mobil Lubricants Distributor

WP Group has been supplying high quality fuels and Mobil lubricants to businesses and homes for more than half a century. WP Group is ExxonMobil’s Strategic Lubricants Distributor throughout Central Southern England, supplying the complete UK Mobil product range.

With specialist business divisions and services tailored to specific industry requirements, WP Group is working hard to keep your business moving, processes operating and homes, offices and schools heated all year round.

High Quality Fuels

Based at Esso’s Fawley Refinery, WP Group supplies high quality fuels including White Diesel, Red Diesel (Gas Oil) and Kerosene (home heating oil). Our fuels are specially formulated to exceed the exacting requirements of the UK market, with Advanced formulas available to improve fuel efficiency and prolong equipment life.

Mobil Lubricants

WP Group is ExxonMobil’s Strategic Lubricants Distributor for its world-leading product range throughout Central Southern England. We offer the full UK range of Mobil lubricants which exceed industry requirements, designed to improve performance, increase energy efficiency and cut operating costs across all industries.


New Kerosene Products

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WP Group Fuels & Mobil Lubricants
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