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Award-winning solutions

Airport Energy won the “Working Together Award” at the Team Heathrow Partnership Awards in 2016. Acknowledged the strong working relationships and excellence in service that has developed over recent years.  The Team Heathrow Partnership Awards recognises excellence in Heathrow airport’s supply chain and the services provided by over 400 organisations that keep Heathrow running every day.

Taken from the Gatwick Diamond Awards submission 2019:

Airport Energy Services provide Airports with the following products and services, 24/7/365:

  • Fuel deliveries of standard fuels products (ULSD, ULS Gasoil, Petrol & Kerosene) and a comprehensive range of alternative and sustainable renewable fuels 
  • Mobile refuelling services to provide equipment/vehicle refuelling options for airside operators and businesses  
  • Temporary or permanent fuel sites (similar to forecourts) with bespoke business continuity support plans to provide airside refuelling of equipment and vehicles 
  • Chip and coil “VID” vehicle identification technology to prevent misfuelling, unauthorised fuelling and in-depth equipment & vehicle performance data tracking the journey of every litre of ground fuel 
  • Remote Telemetry monitoring systems to ensure fuel supplies can be managed remotely with automatic delivery functions
  • Mobile or fixed-point fleet check and top-up services to ensure vehicles have the required fuel, oil, coolant and AdBlue levels to protect assets and ensure business continuity 
  • Client leasing equipment contracts to remove the requirement of capital investment in refuelling equipment or fuels tankers
  • Fuel management services including fuel sampling, fuel uplifts & transfers and fuel polishing
  • Contracted emergency response fuelling services within defined response periods (4/6/8/12 hours) to ensure business continuity

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