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WP Group expand Authorised Mobil Distributorship across the UK

Providing our world class service to more Mobil customers

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ExxonMobil's Strategic Lubricants Distributor

As an official UK Mobil distributor, WP offer the complete range of industry specific lubricants. Specialising in the very latest synthetic technology, Mobil's bespoke range of products are scientifically proven to deliver energy savings, reduce fuel consumption and decrease waste.








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WP Group - Fuel Distribution


With a fleet of over 50 tankers and a network of approved delivery partners, WP provide emergency level response throughout the UK.

WP Group supplies high quality fuels including Road Diesel, Red Diesel (Gas Oil) and Kerosene (home heating oil). Our fuels are specially formulated to exceed the exacting requirements of the UK market, with Advanced formulas available to improve fuel efficiency and prolong equipment life.






With 50 years' experience in the fuel industry with a team of specialist engineers, WP Group is challenging traditional fuel management techniques to find better, smarter and more effective ways to ensure fuel quality and guarantee uptime. With a team dedicated to standby power and critical services, WP Group is an industry leader in Uninterrupted Power Management.





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Sustainable Solutions


Combining world-class application expertise with a range of innovative products and equipment, WP work alongside key customers to drive down total operating expense. The programme focusses on three key objectives;

1. Extend asset life, prevent reactive maintenance & protect against downtime

2. Increase efficiency, reduce consumption and minimise waste

3. Ensure compliance and reduce HSE risks





WP is committed to developing a sustainability culture throughout the company and will promote this with its business partners, key suppliers and customers. This is achieved by behaving ethically, valuing our people, working with local communities and setting the example in the protection of our environment.



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