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Agri winter

5 ways agricultural businesses can make the most of winter

14th Nov 2016

WP Agricultural share their top 5 recommendations on how farmers and growers can utilise the winter months.

heating home

Six tips on preventing domestic heating oil theft

11th Nov 2016

Home heating oil is a valuable commodity and is at risk of theft in many rural areas. WP Heating share their top tips on how to keep your oil safe and reduce the risk of theft.


How to make your hotel heating more energy efficient

9th Nov 2016

Energy efficiency shouldn't mean compromising on the comfort of guests - read our top tips on effectively reducing heating oil consumption in hotels and B&Bs.

Bulb with coins

A guide to the top 5 business gas and electricity contracts on the energy market

4th Nov 2016

WP Gas and Electricity have compiled the most common small business energy contracts currently on the market to help you find the right energy contract for your business needs.


5 ways to look after your AGA this winter

28th Oct 2016

With our AGA range cookers turned on for another winter, WP Heating have compiled their top 5 tips on looking after and caring for your AGA and cooker kerosene.

Hydraulic oil image

Debunking the hydraulic oil myth

24th Oct 2016

WP Group Lubricant Engineering Manager, Matt Hill, examines the true cost effectiveness and benefits of using a low cost hydraulic oil compared to a fully synthetic lubricant.

Contract with glasses

8 questions you should ask your small business energy supplier before signing the contract

20th Oct 2016

WP Gas and Electricity share their top 8 questions all small businesses should ask their energy contract supplier before signing a new gas or electricity contract.

Heating Blog 1

Top tips on preparing for winter and keeping warm

13th Oct 2016

Winter in Britain isn't always easy to predict, however, a few preparations and changes around the house can see a reduction in heating oil consumption.


5 things every business should do before turning the heating up in winter

11th Oct 2016

There are many ways businesses can ensure their heating oil is effectively and efficiently heating their commercial property.

Tablet smart meter

4 reasons why smart meters are the future of energy efficiency

6th Oct 2016

WP Gas & Electricity explore how businesses can improve energy efficiency by installing a smart meter.

Energy saving bulb

3 energy saving tips for small businesses that want to reduce costs

24th Aug 2016

WP Gas and Electricity have identified 3 key places where you can start to review your business energy costs and usage.


Harvest Headaches?

16th Aug 2016

Helpful hints for you this harvest; driven by WP Group's 50 years' experience in delivering to agricultural businesses.

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