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Drone farm

Is Artificial Intelligence the future of farming?

17th Feb 2017

With predictions that artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise the farming industry, we take a look at the ways AI is shaping the farms of the future…

DSR Thumbnail

DSR: What does it all mean?

14th Feb 2017

As the government continues to put pressure on businesses to share in the responsibility of the UK's clean energy transformation, we take you through all you need to know about Demand Side Response.

cv truck 2

How to use fleet telematics to improve commercial fleet efficiency

3rd Feb 2017

Here are WP Group's top methods of using fleet telematics to reduce fuel usage and improve the efficiency of a commercial fleet.

testing sml

When was the last time you checked your fuel tank for sludge build up?

25th Jan 2017

WP Group Fuel Sales Manager Mel Noel highlights the signs, causes and solutions to contaminated fuel in fuel storage tanks.

cv image

5 top tips on improving the fuel efficiency of your commercial fleet

20th Jan 2017

WP Commercial share their top 5 tips which can help to optimise the performance and fuel economy of your commercial vehicle fleet.

Energy saving bulb

Top 10 winter energy saving tips for your business

16th Jan 2017

WP Group Gas and Electricity have compiled their top seasonal business energy saving tips to reduce energy usage, improve energy efficiency and see savings on your energy bill. 

blue radiator

What type of heating oil best suits your requirements?

13th Jan 2017

WP Heating examine the long-term benefits of switching to a different type of kerosene, from lowering your carbon emissions to reducing your energy usage.

Blog gas engines thumbnail

Gas Engines: The future of energy

3rd Jan 2017

WP Group Industrial energy expert, Bayard Morales, explores practical, sustainable solutions to future proof your business amidst the evolving energy market.

School building

10 tips on improving your school's heating efficiency

3rd Jan 2017

For schools running on heating oil, WP Group have compiled a list of heating efficiency initiatives to keep staff and students warm while reducing heating oil consumption.

MSC Engine oil blog

Back to basics car care: How to check and top up your engine oil

6th Dec 2016

Our Mobil Service Centre team are going back to basics and sharing their top car care tips on checking and topping up engine oil.


8 facts you probably didn't know about kerosene

29th Nov 2016

WP Heating have compiled a list of interesting facts and trivia about kerosene, a fuel that has such a big influence on our lives.

Blog Hospitality 2

13 heating oil efficiency measures for the hospitality industry

25th Nov 2016

Whether you run a restaurant, pub or café, the hospitality industry consumes high levels of heating oil, especially during winter. WP Group share their top tips to for heating efficiency.

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