WP Group launch WP Fuel Solutions for uninterrupted power management

 12th Mar 2014

WPFS Team Data Centre WorldWP Group is proud to announce the launch of WP Fuel Solutions (WPFS) for uninterrupted power, a division now dedicated to providing uninterrupted power to the facilities market.  With a team of expert engineers and fuel specialists, the products and services made available to Fuel Solutions customers are the most advanced on the UK market and bespoke to the WP Group. 

Introduced at Data Centre World earlier this month, WP Fuel Solutions brand was presented to almost 10,000 of the UK’s leading facilities managers and industry professionals.  

Advanced fuel management designed for uninterrupted power

Contaminated fuel can stop even the most advanced back-up generators, yet most companies do not have a critical fuel management plan. 
Fuel contamination is a serious and wide spread issue amongst businesses reliant on stand-by power.  Site surveys conducted by WP Fuel Solutions has found that almost 80% of fuel tanks revealed a level of contamination deemed ‘at risk’ of affecting uninterrupted power. 
With a 50 year heritage in fuel supply, WP Group’s Fuel Solutions division understand the importance of maintaining the correct fuel specification to keep your business moving.  To date WPFS has recovered over 20 million litres of contaminated fuel and supplied over 30 million litres of Advanced Long Life Fuel into banks, data centres and many other critical applications.  As a major fuel supplier, WPFS can provide first-hand information on reliability and resilience of stored fuel in light of recent changes to both legislation and specification. 
WPFS’s products and services are the most technically advanced in the market today and unique to the WP Group.  Advanced Long-Life fuel has been specially formulated to eliminate contamination and prevent fuel degradation. Used as part of a managed service which includes on-site laboratory analysis, tank cleaning and state-of-the-art inventory automation. WPFS provides the highest most efficient level of fuel protection and quality available in the UK market.  
Visit the new WP Fuel Solutions website at www.wp-fuelsolutions.co.uk to find out how WPFS complete management solution, products and services can aide your business today and in the future.  
WP Fuel Solutions ­ No gimmicks, just effective fuel management from the industry experts 

Notes to Editors 

Headquartered at ExxonMobil’s Fawley refinery, WP Group is a fully integrated Fuels, Lubricants and Engineering Services company. With sustainability at its core, WP Group work in partnership with customers and supply partners across eight distinct business sectors to identify efficiency savings and deliver measurable long-term solutions.  Employing over 100 people and with group revenues exceeding £200M annually, WP Group is listed as one of southern England’s largest privately owned companies.  For more information on WP Group or the eight specialist divisions; Industrial, Aviation, Agricultural, Heating, Automotive, Commercial, Racing and Marine; visit www.thewp-group.co.uk 
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