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Fuel Resilience Survey

Utilising state of the art mobile laboratories, the WP engineers conduct comprehensive Fuel Resilience surveys to understand existing fuel management procedures and identify areas of improvement.

Fuel resilience surveys will review;

WP Advanced Long Life Fuel

WP’s Advanced Long-Life Fuel contains natural enzymes extracted from marine algae. By converting poor and non-combustible fuel molecules back into an efficient fuel, the enzymes are scientifically proven to prevent and reclaim contaminated fuel.

Used as part of a managed service including regular on-site laboratory analysis, initial tank cleaning and state-of-the-art inventory automation, WP’s Advanced Long-Life Fuel provides the highest level of fuel protection available in the UK market.


Key benefits of Advanced Fuel:

On-site fuel testing

Using an accredited on-site laboratory, the WP engineers can conduct comprehensive fuel analysis to identify contamination, evaluate storage and examine ignition quality. Key to identifying and preventing fuel contamination, regular fuel testing will ensure contaminates are treated before expensive remedial work is required.

Tank cleaning and fuel recycling

WP employ state of the art filtration equipment coupled with the latest in scientific research to recover heavily contaminated fuel. Multiple samples are taken post-cleaning to ensure fuel and tanks are clean. These samples are inspected by expert technicians and a full specification report is presented for client records.

Emergency deliveries and 24/7 support

With a fleet of over 50 tankers and a comprehensive network of approved delivery partners, WP can provide same-day emergency level response throughout the UK. Combined with dedicated account management and around the clock emergency support, WP can offer full peace of mind for businesses dependent on uninterrupted fuel supply.


thames picThames Water, the UK’s largest treatment and sewage company, are committed to sustainability through long-term asset care.  Working alongside WP, a trial was carried out to assess whether WP’s advanced technologies could reduce emissions, improve efficiency and prevent future damage to engines caused by degraded fuel quality.

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Dnata ImageDnata is one of the world’s largest air services providers offering ground handling, in-flight catering, cargo and travel across 5 continents. Committed to reducing their carbon footprint, Dnata looked to ways in which they could cut the fleet’s engine vehicle emissions. 

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