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Three questions we'll be answering at this year's IDGTE

30th Apr 2018

This week, experts from the power and prime mover industries will come together at the annual IDGTE Technology Seminar to discover the power generation sector’s latest technologies and innovations.

reduce op ex thumbnail

4 ways to reduce operational expenses

23rd Apr 2018

When it comes to this time of year, customers often ask me the same question – how can we reduce our op ex?..

Garage marketing thumbnail

Your quick guide to... Marketing your Independent Workshop

3rd Apr 2018

With UK motorists receiving service through a network of more than 42,000 service centres, making sure your business stands out from the competition is vital. Take a look at our quick guide to give your marketing a boost...

Driver shortage thumbnail

Tackling the driver shortage - Is there an answer?..

12th Feb 2018

The UK's haulage sector is thought to be facing a deficit of between 45,000 - 50,000 HGV drivers alone. So, just what is causing this driver deficit? And what can be done?

Rural crime thumbnail

How to: Stay vigilant against rural crime

1st Dec 2017

In 2016 alone, rural crime cost the UK £39.2m. So, just how do you stay vigilant in the face of the so-called rural crime 'phenomenon'?..

Fleet telematics thumbnail

How to secure driver buy-in to fleet telematics

22nd Oct 2017

For most fleet managers, the benefits of telematics and vehicle tracking technologies have been evident for some time now. However, gaining that all important driver buy-in has proved a little trickier! So, how can fleet managers keep the peace when implementing these valuable systems?

Green retrofit thumbnail

Are green retrofits worth the investment?

15th Sep 2017

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that in order to meet our 2050 goal, virtually every building in the country must undergo a low-energy ‘makeover’ – or in other words, a green retrofit. But are they worth the investment?

Agri battlefield

The new battlefield for climate change

17th Aug 2017

With the farm hailed as the UK's new battlefield for climate change, we take a look at how the modern agricultural business can help tackle the industry's environmental impact.

Sustainable construction thumbnail

Six ways to build a more sustainable construction site

22nd Jul 2017

The construction and built environment industries are coming under increasing scrutiny when it comes to managing their environmental impact; however, luckily there are some simple steps the industry can take to clean up its act...

Offsite thumbnail

Does the future of UK construction lie offsite?

19th Jun 2017

According to the latest Farmer Review, 'Modernise or Die', today's construction industry faces "inexorable decline" unless it starts developing and embracing modern construction methods. Amidst the current construction 'crisis' the answer, for many, now lies offsite...

Oil contamination thumbnail blog

Oil contamination prevention: Three housekeeping rules to live by

15th May 2017

Maintaining high levels of oil cleanliness can go a long way towards keeping machine failure, unplanned downtime and unexpected repair costs to a minimum. With this in mind, we share our three housekeeping rules to live by when taking control of oil contamination prevention

oil analysis

Are you implementing the right oil analysis programme?

1st May 2017

At WP, we are approached time and again by clients asking just how to implement a successful oil analysis programme. So, how can you ensure you’re sampling the right equipment, at the right time, using the right techniques?..

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