WP Group Gain ISO 50001:2011 Accreditation

 14th Jul 2015

Fuel and lubricant specialist, WP Group, has been successfully audited and accredited for commitment to improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in compliance with ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management, an internationally recognised standard.

“As part of WP Group’s commitment to sustainability the Board of Directors committed to attaining internationally recognised Management System Standards to raise our professionalism and establish a robust structure for the future. I am therefore tremendously proud that the ISO 50001 standard now joins WP Group’s achievements in maintaining our existing ISO 90001 and recently attained OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. These standards would not be awarded if it was not for the team effort of every member of the WP Group staff but a special thanks must go to Robert Dickson our HSEQ Manager for the hard work of establishing the management systems needed to attain these professional accreditations.”

Russell Fairchild CQC Director

Promoting a culture of continuous improvement, ISO 50,001 encourages organisations to conserve resources, manage environmental impacts and reduce harmful emissions in alignment with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme Regulations (ESOS). Complimenting WP’s ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditations, the standard allowing the company to integrate energy management within existing quality and environmental management models Russell Fairchild, WP’s CQC Director commented:  

‘It is important WP Group are able to demonstrate that our systems comply with the very highest standards, as we set the benchmark for continual improvement in energy management and the work involved in being a sustainable company’.

Now acting as an ISO 50,0001 consultant, WP are turning their attention to supporting customer’s to achieve the standard by focussing on a specific ESOS initiative ­ Energy Efficient Lubrication.   In fact, replacing standard mineral lubricants with an improved synthetic technology can be a quick and low cost solution to demonstrating energy savings.  

Accounting for up to 6% energy reduction and five times longer drain intervals, WP’s range of Mobil synthetic lubricants offer benefits far exceeding industry standard performance.  When offered in combination with a series of engineering services, WP has delivered measureable cost-savings for customers that go beyond energy savings to include extended asset life, improved HSE compliance and greater workplace productivity.

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