Top tips on preparing for winter and keeping warm

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The great British winter; it’s not always the easiest to predict.  From a mild chill to chaos causing snowfall, winter in Britain is always full of surprises. This gives even more reason for us to make sure we are ready for whatever the next couple months may bring.

Ensuring your home is a cosy, warm haven for you and your family an important part of preparing for winter. For those of us using heating oil to heat our homes, a little extra care and attention goes a long way in making sure you’re ready for any cold snaps and enjoy a stress-free winter.

A few winter preparations and small changes around the house could also see a reduction in energy usage, which will not only improve sustainability but could also reduce the frequency of heating oil top-ups, saving money on your heating bills.

  1. Check your kerosene levels
    Keeping an active eye on the heating oil levels in your kerosene tank is the most efficient way of knowing when to order your heating oil for winter. However, it is sometimes difficult to know how much oil you have in your tank, which makes monitoring your usage near impossible.

    Installing a fuel monitoring system like a Watchman Pro takes the hard work out of tank level monitoring and is an easy, effective way of keeping track of your oil usage. From consumption analysis to automated ordering, these systems can be accessed via an app on all devices and can also prevent oil theft.
  2. Heating oil tank TLC
    Take advantage of the autumn months and do some maintenance checks on your kerosene storage tank. Make sure the path and its surrounding area is clear and that there is easy access for you and your heating oil delivery drivers.

    Check your tank for rust or damage and make sure gauges, pipes and fittings are still in a good condition. As the weather becomes colder, it is also important to ensure you have effective security on your tank to prevent oil theft.
  3. Get your heating oil order in early
    Although kerosene prices fluctuate frequently, the prices generally go up during the winter. Getting an early heating oil order is a smart move to make to ensure your winter runs smoothly.

    However, it’s not just about the prices. As more people order heating oil during the winter, ordering as early as possible will save being a part of the kerosene order rush. If weather conditions turn severe, or if icy conditions restrict driver routes, this could have a direct impact on your heating oil delivery. Early orders, especially for those in rural areas, will keep a cosy home during winter.
  4. Consider advanced products
    There are many benefits in opting to have Advanced Kerosene compared to Standard Kerosene in your tank this winter. Advanced Kerosene have additives specially formulated to improve burn efficiency, improve boiler performance, reduce contamination and sludge build-up and help avoid costly breakdowns.
  5. Service your boiler
    Minimize the chances of an inconvenient boiler breakdown this winter with a boiler check. Ideally, oil boilers should receive a service twice a year to ensure it is running at top performance and that risk of potential carbon monoxide issues are minimal. Make sure your boiler makes the most of your heating oil.
  6. Prepare for the festive season
    We know it may seem a bit too premature to start talking about Christmas and New Year, but while you may not have started on the Christmas shopping yet, now is the time to make sure your heating oil is ready for the festive season.

    There is nothing worse than running out of heating oil over Christmas and New Year, so make sure you’re ready for the end of the year. December is a short month and thinking about your heating oil requirements as early as possible can make life a lot easier and leave more time to prepare for Christmas and enjoy the celebrations.
  7. Don’t forget the house
    While ensuring your kerosene tank is at peak performance and that all your heating oil requirements are met, there are lots of ways making your home more energy efficient for the winter.

    One of the most effective ways of keeping the cold out and the heat in is insulating your house. Whether it’s in the wall cavities, pipes or roofing, installing quality insulation can be extremely beneficial and cost effective.

    Seal gaps around the edges of windows and floorboards, investing in double glazing and minimising draughts are also effective ways of preventing heat loss. Don’t forget to bleed your radiators when needed, this can prolong the life and maximise performance of your heating system.

To have heating your home near the top of your to-do list this autumn is the perfect way to make sure your home stays toasty and efficient this winter. With just a few considerations and checks, you can minimise the risk of running out heating oil, increase energy efficiency and prevent fuel contamination in your heating oil storage tank this winter.

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