3 ways a fuel remote monitoring system can make your fuel supply easier to manage

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Whether it’s gas oil, white diesel or heating oil, managing your fuel supply can often prove difficult and timely. Making sure you have a consistent supply of healthy fuel available is key to improving the efficiency of your business.

From heating a commercial property with kerosene to running off-highway or agricultural equipment on red diesel, taking active steps to improve the efficiency and reduce usage of your fuel supply will have a positive impact with numerous benefits.

An easy step that all businesses can take in ensuring their fuel supply is easier to manage is fitting remote monitoring equipment to the fuel tank.

Installing these monitoring systems in any and all tanks across your business will provide full transparency about the performance of your fuel as well as in-depth data which can be used to analyse and assess fuel efficiency opportunities. With a built-in SIM card the system can send both you and your fuel supplier with regular and secure information on your fuel usage and tank levels which is accessible on multiple devices, anywhere and anytime.

But what benefits will your business see by installing a fuel remote monitoring system in its tanks? With Watchman Anywhere Pro, WP Commercial have compiled their top 3 reasons why a fuel remote monitoring system can benefit businesses.

  1. Stock Management

    One of the key features of fuel monitoring systems is stock management. Once the quantity of stored fuel supply falls below a pre-agreed level, an order can be automatically generated and scheduled for delivery, eliminating manual checks and making sure fuel never runs out again.

    This saves vital time in managing the operations of running a business. Not only does it reduce time spent checking and ordering fuel, it eases future stock planning as well as managing working capital. The real-time data provided allows identification of cost saving opportunities, and detect irregular usage trends or sudden drops or leak alerts. This gives businesses one less thing to worry about.
  2. Reduces Risk

    Research shows the remote tank monitoring reduces the risk of staff injury. With its accurate data readings on tank levels, the hazards of manual checks with dipsticks are removed. All required data on fuel usage and levels can be accessed via desktop, mobile or tablet, whenever it is required, reducing staff travel and making administration and fuel management simpler.

    It’s accurate level data also means no waste or mess from an overfilling tank. This all helps in avoiding insurance premiums and accident claims, protecting your staff from potential incidents. This all helps businesses run more smoothly.
  3. Sustainability Compliance

    For businesses taking serious action to reduce its carbon footprint and become more energy efficient, the fuel remote monitoring systems may prove to be an essential tool in sustainability.

    With the fuel consumption data provided by this fuel monitoring technology, calculations for CRC, CCL, DECC or social responsibility reporting is made easier and more accurate. This can prove to be an extremely useful compnent for carbon and energy output analysis.

It’s simple and easy to find out more about how your business may benefit from installing a Watchman Anywhere Pro system. For a tailored assessment of your business needs for a monitoring system, our experts are on hand to provide advice and answer any questions. Please contact us on 0800 980 6172 or email .

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