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Written by Bayard Morales, Industrial Account Manager, WP Group

Between 2014 and 2040, it’s predicted that global demand for energy will rise by 25%. With the realisation that a new year has just begun, I am keen to share ExxonMobil’s message about the future of energy.

The biggest expected growth amongst the energy sources will be in natural gas, which provides a practical energy solution for many applications, while also adding a significant cost advantage and mitigating climate change risks. 

What should you do to get ready?

Working with clients in this sector on a daily basis, I understand the importance of developing resilient lubricant solutions for the maintenance of gas engines. The advantage of selecting the correct lubricant for each specific scenario combined with a proactive approach via used oil analysis translates into higher productivity, reduced maintenance costs and less waste. Everyone collects oil samples, but this information is not always utilised to achieve better results - and many times the oil in use is just not fit for purpose.

What happens if the oil is not fit for purpose?

If the oil is not fit for purpose the engine is at risk. Ensuring the correct lubricant selection will not only protect the engine but also increase oil life. The Mobil Pegasus gas engine oil range has a proven track record of reducing reactive engine maintenance, whilst removing the risk of unplanned machinery downtime and the need for frequent oil changes.

Why should a change in oil be considered?

With the right oil, you can achieve an optimal balance between oil life and engine protection. This will enable the reduction of your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve energy efficiency gains, providing long term benefits and sustainable solutions as the energy market evolves.

Next step

Understanding the energy forecast and early adoption of what’s to come. Now’s the time to evaluate your current operation and format your strategy to ensure your business is future proof and ready to advance productivity.

I can help you achieve this by visiting your business and together we can evaluate your current operation, looking to identify opportunities that will advance productivity and deliver sustainable solutions.

Speak to me, or a member of the team, to discuss your bespoke lubrication requirements and find out more about WP Group Lubrication Solutions. Contact us on 0800 980 6172 or complete our enquiry form.         

Take a look at our Gas Engine Brochure

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