Data Centre World is over for another year... but the conversations have only just begun

Written by Simon Mayne, WP Fuel Solutions Manager and BSI Commitee Member

As we close on another successful year exhibiting at Data Centre World, I can’t help but look back on last week feeling as though this year was our most successful yet. WP Group came back to the ExCeL bigger and better than ever before and it definitely showed! But beyond that, as a fuel expert, I could definitely sense the changing shifts within the industry as well as the increased awareness of the risks of fuelling standby power.

Firstly, our stand certainly did well to wow passer-by’s. After all, it’s not every day you see a 26 tonne, 6-wheeler tanker in the middle of an exhibition zone! With WP Group offering 24/7 fuel supply – nothing says this better than a real, operational tanker. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure our stand stood out from the rest!

DCW 17 1

Alongside this, we had our flagship product – the Multi-Point Filtration (MPF) System -  on display with regular live demonstrations. One of our favourite parts of Data Centre World is showcasing our innovative technology and giving people the opportunity to see it in action for themselves. This patented system prevents fuel contamination from developing within standby and backup generator fuel.

dcw 17 2

It’s always great to receive interest from those within the data centre and facilities management industry. I’ve worked hard over the last 5 or so years to educate the critical facilities industry of the increasing risk that comes with stagnant fuel. Critical Facilities saw a 50% rise in fuel-related blackouts between 2001 – 2010, and with the fuel legislation changes in 2011 further reducing the lifespan of diesel to just 6 months, this increase continues across the industry. What this year’s Data Centre World has shown is that awareness and education on this serious problem is spreading and words of advice from those within the fuel resilience industry, such as myself, are being heard.

When all else fails, data centres rely on their backup generators to kick in and save the day and it is for this reason alone that generator fuel cannot be forgotten about or ignored – ignored generator fuel is more than likely contaminated generator fuel. So when, on several occasions last week, we had Data Centre managers discussing the quality of their fuel, it shows that the industry is starting to realise that fuel management should be a vital component to safeguarded data centre resilience.

Before the show began to close, I finished with a presentation discussing the risk of fuel contamination and how data centres and critical facilities can combat it. It was great to share my insights and further spread awareness of this hidden threat to critical facilities.

DCW 17 3

Unfortunately, fuel contamination will happen eventually. The work myself and my colleagues do for clients is to ensure that they are prepared for the inevitable and make sure that any signs of contamination risk are stopped in their tracks.

Here’s to a great Data Centre World 2017 and to continued conversations with partners, clients and more!

If you missed me at Data Centre World or have any questions, please feel free to get in contact.

T: 07728 308742

Alternatively, you can request a consultation or download our latest offer.

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