5 ways to look after your AGA this winter

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We’re scrapping off the frost from our windscreens, the leaves are turning autumnal and we’re starting to wear the winter coats and scarves. It’s that time of year again, winter is coming.

Along with these tale-tell signs that summer is well and truly behind us, the ceremonial turning on of the AGA is a symbolic start of the cold season for many of us.

For those of us with AGAs, they can be a vital asset during the winter months. From slow cooking dinner, drying clothes, warming the water and the house, the AGA works wonders to keep families and homes warm and cosy.

With your AGA in such high use during the winter, it is important that it receives the care and treatment it requires. With a few small considerations and regular maintenance, your AGA will remain in top condition and keep performing throughout winter and the season ahead.

WP Heating have compiled their top 5 tips and advice for looking after your AGA this winter.

  1. Keep an eye on your heating oil levels
    As those with AGAs will know, they are built to constantly run off your oil supply. If there isn’t enough oil getting through it can cause major issues, such as airlocks in the pipe which will stop oil flow and shut your system down.

    Ensure you have a sufficient amount of heating oil in your domestic kerosene tank so that you don’t run out. This is particularly important during winter when you will inevitably be using your AGA more often, you may use your oil faster than anticipated. To make your life easier, fuel monitoring systems are available which provides consumption analytics, automated ordering and oil theft prevention. Installed onto your domestic oil tank, the system comes with app software which can be accessed on any device, anytime, anywhere.
  2. Use the right products
    Cooker kerosene, compared to standard, can over time see real benefits for your AGA. Standard kerosene runs the risk of clogging up the oil inlet which will result in more frequent servicing and needing to relight your cooker more often. Cooker kerosene also lowers Char Value which improves the quality of burn as well as inhibiting growth of deposits in fuel tanks and minimising the potential for tank corrosion.

    Fuel additives are also available which can breakdown deposits and prevents sludge, rust and debris from forming in the future. These sort of deposits can enter your AGA from the tank and can lead to blockages, running and efficiency problems. Additives are an inexpensive way to maintain the upkeep of your AGA and keep it running smoothly between services.
  3. Get a professional service
    It is important to get your oil-fired AGA services at least once a year from an OFTEC qualified engineer. This will help safeguard against breakdowns, keep them in optimum working order and will also highlight efficiency opportunities. Getting your AGA serviced before winter is a perfect opportunity to make sure there will be no issues during the busy winter season.
  4. Warm up workout
    Although traditionally AGAs are left on throughout the year, many homeowners are now choosing to save energy and money by switching their AGA off during the summer months and using alternative methods for cooking. However, if you do choose to switch it off during the summer, ensure that you run it for a few hours every couple of weeks so that the parts don’t seize up.
  5. Clean regularly
    To get the best from your AGA this winter, a regular thorough clean is a must. It’s a good idea to try clean as you cook, especially around the cooking rings, as carbon can build up and prevent efficient heating. Remember to clean only once the cooker has cooled down and using cleaning products designed for AGA use. However, as they are designed to be self-cleaning, often a wipe down with a dry cloth can go a long way in getting rid of dirt and grime.

When it comes to looking after your AGA this winter, a few small changes can go a long way in improving efficiency and making the most of your heating oil. Make sure you and your AGA are ready for any cold snaps during the season ahead.

WP Heating offer a range of products and services to help keep your AGA running and house warm this winter. To find out more visit www.wp-heating.co.uk, call us on 023 8089 7841 or email sales@thewp-group.co.uk.

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