5 ways agricultural businesses can make the most of winter

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We all know that farmers and agricultural businesses don’t just put their feet up and relax as soon as the harvest is over. WP Group have been working with farmers and growers for over 50 years so we know all too well that the work does not stop once summer is over. However, relatively speaking, the winter months can be a slower time for farmers and it provides some useful opportunities to catch up on the business.

Although there are many duties to tend to during the winter, especially for those with livestock, there are some useful ways to maximise the months ahead and ensure you’re ready for spring next year.

WP Agricultural share their top 5 recommendations on how farmers and growers can utilise this winter.

  1. Stock up on winter grade fuel

    Take note that refineries are switching over to their winter-blend red diesel. With a higher Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP), winter-blend (or winter grade) fuel is able to evaporate at low temperatures, enabling the engine to operate properly during the cold season.

    Be sure to check what fuel grade you are being sold and that it is appropriate to the conditions in which you are likely to store and use it.
  2. Preparation and preservation

    As most know, the colder months provide a great opportunity to assess your equipment and vehicles. Workshops can be busy in the winter and doing a health check on machinery should be standard practice for all agriculture businesses, however, it’s also worthwhile to spend some time also looking at your fuel and lubricant requirements.

    Assessing how much fuel you used last harvest will help predict how much you can expect to order for next harvest, especially considering that larger, one-off fuel orders could save you money than ordering smaller quantities more frequently. Taking the time to examine your lubricant needs could save time and money. Sophisticated, fully synthetic agricultural lubricants on the market can improve fuel efficiency, enhance performance and increase protection of engines and machinery. Reassessing your fuel and oil needs now could potentially save frustration in later months.
  3. Budgeting

    Winter is the time of year to sit down and crunch the numbers. Although it’s maybe not everyone’s favourite task, it’s a necessity to ensure all the hard work from the harvest pays off. Whether it’s examining profits and efficiency from the previous year or selecting which crops to plant for next year, it’s important to dedicate the time to identify successes, areas of improvement and saving opportunities.
  4. Invest and innovate

    With the pressures of producing more crops in order to feed a growing population, the future of farming sees new innovations and technologies entering the marketplace. However, for most farmers, implementing a few small changes could have a positive impact, not only on operating costs and productivity, but also making tasks a little easier and quicker to achieve.

    For example, installing a fuel remote monitoring system will make managing your diesel supply easier to manage. With automated stock management facilities which can generate orders once fuel levels drop to a pre-agreed level, it’s data can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This not only gives you one less thing to worry about but also highlights cost saving opportunities.
  5. Rest!

    It may not be on top of the list, but after the busy harvest season, spending some time to relax and take a break is also important. Make sure you and your staff refuel themselves as well as your vehicles and equipment.

Whether it’s to order red diesel using our 24/7 delivery service, or enquiring about how switching the fully synthetic lubricants to help improve the efficiency of your equipment, our team at WP Agricultural are on hand to answer any and all questions this winter. To contact us, contact us now on 0800 980 6172 or email .

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